Meet The Team

我們是小小的「文案工作室」,目前有2位「外國人」 ,及3位「華僑」。

我們的「外國人」用英文幫您的商品、或品牌「說故事」,以提高您的銷售率 。以下,讓我們一一為您介紹每位同事的背景。

我們的客戶大多來自台灣的外銷廠商。各類型的「英文文案」包括: 英文產品說明文案、英文公司簡介。Amazon亞馬遜上架文 、Lazada上架文、Alibaba阿里巴巴上架文、Kickstarter上架文、eBay上架文、英文產品說明書、宣傳手冊


Mike was an  IT specialist when he was in the US. He started to travel around Asia 3 years ago. Now, he has settled in Taiwan for 11 months as an English teacher. Mike is superb in creating contents, researching for competitor’s products, and generating ideas.


Nana moved to Vancouver, Canada when she was 14 years old.  She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a double degree in Economics and Sociology. Her marketing sense accumulated along various company she has worked for before starting the copywriting business with her sister.


Olivia prefers not so show her face online, and we respect that. She moved with her family to Canada when she was in the 6th grade.  She worked as a FC specialist in Toronto, Canada.  Olivia has a passion for history, arts, and anthropology. Every photo under her camera is a killer!


Part-time editor in one of Taiwan’s top education centers.  She reads content and correct for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. She rewrites copy to make it easier for readers to understand, and therefore increase sales.

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