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2014年我們與外國朋友,便成立了「WiderMKT- 懷特英文文案。英文行銷」公司。我們專門幫台灣商品,用英文「說故事」、製作「英文圖片」、「英文影片」。更重要的是,我們能幫台灣廠商們,找到您商品的正確的「英文關鍵字」、以及您的競爭商品在海外的「價格」及「商品描述」。讓您在商品上架到Amazon, Lazada, eBay, Alibaba, Kickstarter 後,能增加點繫率、及轉換率!

About Us



We were extremely pleased with the Amazon listing results provided by WiderMKT Corporation. Mike brought the optimal mix of keyword and product competitive knowledge that rescued our dying Amazon sales in 2016. Our Amazon sales went up 12 times in 9 months.


We launched our sleep mask- Nuvi in Kickstarter in 2016, and it raised 335% more than expected in 8 days. After WiderMKT helped us create the perfect copy for Kickstarter, it also created our website content and user manuals.  Each piece of work WiderMKT created is a legend!